The Issues


As your District 94 Representative, I will tackle local issues with gusto!  My motto is: “A strong business environment means a strong community, and a strong community means a strong business environment.”  In order to create and sustain a strong community, we must take care of the following issues:

· Tackle water management and flood protection, levee and lakefront protection.

· Invest in our infrastructure (improve deteriorating roadways and bridges).

· Spotlight crime prevention and safety.

· Advance top-notch educational opportunities and invest in our District 94 K-12 schools.

· Ensure prosperity for our businesses (create a productive economic development climate, affirm appropriate zoning regulations, and protect residential areas from encroachment).


We have seen threats to our democracy across the country which we must combat on all levels - federal, state and local.  We must relentlessly pursue the preservation of our democracy.  As your District 94 Representative, I will work to protect OUR United States of America, taking on the most challenging issues by:

· Champion an independent commission to create fair, just, and sensible Federal and State District boundaries (to be set in 2021), and so push back on gerrymandering,

· Buttress and advance voter rights protections, including measures to increase ease of registration and voting,

· Address climate change and the existential threat that we face in Louisiana, particularly in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes, due to our vanishing coastline.


As your District 94 Representative I will fight ferociously to advance Louisiana on all fronts, so as to lift us from the bottom of all the life quality indexes - including our status as the worst state in the union for women residents. These issues include:

· Economic prosperity - a livable wage for all, pay equity, pay transparency, local control over minimum wage and municipal issues,

· Affordable, accessible health care with continued Medicaid expansion and fierce protection of coverage for preexisting conditions,

· Preservation of women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy; comprehensive sex education; accessible, affordable contraception; and pre- and post-natal care,

· Gun violence prevention.