Join us for a sweet evening of Politics, Prosecco, and Just Desserts in support of Dr. Tammy Savoie’s campaign for LA House Representative, District 94.

Buy tickets here. Generously hosted by Dottie Taylor and Susan Danielson.

Our last evening benefitting Dr. Tammy Savoie’s campaign for State Rep, District 94! Join us for family fun, catered food, and a massive thank you to each of you have gotten us this close to the finish line. Together, we can get Tammy elected!

Tickets can be purchased here.

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It’s Get Out The Vote time! Join us the Monday before Election Day for a $1 off beers, voting plans, and Tammy Trivia. The whole family is welcome!

Want to help Tammy fight for Louisiana?


Whether you’d like to knock on doors to encourage people to vote, make phone calls to find support for Tammy, host an event, pen postcards, or write letters to the editor, our success is dependent on your help. 



Taking on the political and financial establishment who hope to continue to control our skewed districts and undo the progress we're making will not be easy, but it can be done. But Tammy can't do it alone.  We do not take corporate money; our campaign runs on the generosity of those wanting to affect real change - people like you.

Checks made payable to The Savoie Campaign may be sent to P.O.Box 840213, New Orleans, LA 70184. Or make a donation online using the button below.